New Talent Fashion

Next Generation Models

New Talent Fashion maintains relationships with businesses throughout the fashion industry and beyond and will be used to develop the Next Generation Models. Moving away from the traditional model search, anyone aspiring to become a fashion model can apply to Next Generation Models. Leading with our vision of creating a family of passionate positive people who find a path for all, Next Generation Models aim to empower the newest model talent and support them as they break into the competitive model industry.

New Talent Fashion’s commitment to recognising the newest creatives will be the drive of the new model management. Next Generation Models will redesign the future for our models by investing in opportunities for all. Next Generation Models will develop all our model’s potential and maximise their performance capabilities. All aspiring models are encouraged to apply regardless of race, size or sexuality.

At New Talent Fashion, we intend on upholding our values, mission, and vision to the highest degree. In order to ensure the safety and security of our models, we would like to highlight submissions through our application page are the only entries we are accepting. Please do not submit your details to anyone claiming to be our talent scout.